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Buy to Let Advice

Why Consider a Buy to Let?

A young generation forced to rent rather than buy, as well as poor interest rates on savings could be a means to secure your financial future and a way to benefit your family. Yields from rental income or capital growth could replace a disappointing pension fund, so investing in property for rental purposes is a wise choice.

However, as with all investment projects, getting it right is vital. Massey Property Services offers a range of services to help you move into the buy-to-let market, or to help you add to your property portfolio.

We follow a three-stage process:

1. Identifying a Property

At Masseys, we know and understand the rental property market inside out. We can advise you on the types of properties that make ideal buy-to-let investments. Once you've identified a property, we'd be happy to review the property details, too.

2. The Letting Potential

Our lettings team will offer you an honest and realistic report of the pros and cons of your property.

3. Financing Your Buy-To-Let Project

For your property investment, we're delighted to offer you the services of Kevin Dunks of Number One Mortgages, an independent mortgage adviser. Kevin has several years' experience within the financial services sector and is highly qualified to offer you the perfect mortgage. Kevin has in depth knowledge of literally hundreds of financial services products and will know just the right one for your needs.

  1. Your Likely Costs
  2. Mortgage payment
  3. Buildings insurance
  4. Maintenance payments (if leasehold)
  5. Letting agents' fees (see our terms and conditions)

Remember that income on an investment rental property is taxable. We strongly advise that you discuss this with an accountant.

How long a void period should I allow for each year? We're pleased to report that average void periods within Brighton and Hove are currently low.

According to recent research (source: Paragon Mortgages) void periods have declined across the country in recent years, reflecting a strong and growing demand for private rented property. This has been seen particularly strongly in Brighton and Hove, which remains a desirable area in which to live and work.

Country-wide, the average void period is currently 2.6 weeks but of course, this cannot be guaranteed as many factors will have to be taken into consideration.

The above advice is intended purely as a guideline and answers the majority of questions we encounter early on in the process. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call our letting team on 01273 727 278.