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Handing Over Management

Welcome to Masseys Property Migration Service


So, what is our Migration Service? We know there are a lot of Landlords out there who are just not happy with their current property situation. This can be for many reasons. Perhaps you are not fully comfortable with your current letting agent. Perhaps you manage your properties yourself and are just quite simply fed up with it.

Despite, being in this frame of mind, you are not changing the situation – why – because it’s just too much of a headache to arrange.

There comes a time when you contemplate if it’s all worth it anymore and should you just sell the lot.
But what if, you had to have minimal involvement and you can get your time back, do what you want to be doing. Literally Hand over the Hassle. Let your investments work for you and not be ruling your life.

This is where we come in. Let’s have a look at how we can take this hassle away from you.

Agency Managed Landlords

You have been with your agent for many years and it’s hard to break the ties but you’re simply not happy anymore. Lack of communication, invoices you know nothing about, tenancy issues, constant change of personnel, no-one even knows who you are when you call ?

With one phone call, or coffee, we can explain everything. It won’t take long, it’s really simple.

To make use of our Migration Service call us on 01273 727278 or email jo.blaise@masseyproperty.com or david.horabin@masseyproperty.com

Self Managing Landlords

It was exciting to start with, seeing your money working for you. Friendly happy tenants, not too many rules and regulations. Then gradually over time, legislation has made things harder and harder and in fact you are not even too sure if you’re fully compliant, which is fine until a tenancy goes wrong and then all those bits of paper from the beginning of the tenancy were actually needed but where are they ? The calls and texts at 9pm about a cooker breaking. You want to be friendly but honestly, how can you fix the cooker at 9pm. The lovely tenants who split up and now the one remaining can’t afford the rent. The boiler that breaks on a Friday afternoon or over the Easter Break, or during your family holiday. That worry when you wake in the night about a tenancy problem you’re not sure how to solve.

We have literally dealt with every possible tenancy problem and resolved it, often in different ways, depending on the characters of the tenants and the Landlords ! But the point is, it’s us solving the issue.

It’s time to Migrate to Masseys and hand over the hassle.

Your only job is to give us tenancy details and a few boring certificates and we’ll get your whole portfolio safely into our hands and you can have all that time back.

To make use of our Migration Service call us on 01273 727278 or email jo.blaise@masseyproperty.com or david.horabin@masseyproperty.com