so how does it all work…. and what do we need from you?

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information & requirements

Are you fed up with just leaving your details with every agent, spending ages registering and filling in forms online?

Are you fed up with then receiving details on something that’s nothing like what you are looking for ?
Are you constantly missing out on properties because by the time you email and hear back, the property has gone?

Are you fed up with booking a viewing but by the time you get to that time, the property has gone?

This is all because no-one has taken the time to tell you how it all works!

It’s hard and it’s fast.

YOU need to keep up.
YOU need to constantly scan the websites.
YOU need to register for alerts on all the main property portals. Rightmove, Zoopla, etc.
YOU need to pick up the phone and make an appointment for that same day or the next day (forget longer than that, it will be gone).

Forget emailing an enquiry – offices are busy and even if your email only sits there for half an hour, some else has called the office and made an appointment.

Now YOU are in control and YOU are no longer the person sitting helplessly constantly missing out.

So, once we get further down the line – what do we need from you:


We basically need to know, who you are, what you do and how you will be paying the rent. Our duty to our Landlords is to create a good solid secure tenancy. We won’t pigeon hole potential tenants into a set requirement. If we believe you will be a good tenant, we will find a way to help you find your new home.


  • First months rent in advance
  • Security deposit – 5 weeks rent

To reserve the property we will ask you for no more than the value of one weeks rent.
Balance then payable just before you collect your keys!


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