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Renting your home remains a positive choice. The rental market is buoyant, which is great news for future and existing landlords.

However, here’s the less good news: it could be a hassle if you try to manage everything yourself and could possibly end up costing you a great deal of money, should things go wrong.

What’s the solution? Whether you own an extensive range of properties or are considering renting out your property, Masseys can provide everything you need, with a complete lettings and ongoing management service.

We’re realists. We really understand the highs, lows, positives and pitfalls of the rental market. With experience accumulated since 1998 amongst our long standing close knit team, we focus on the quality of the tenants as we know this element sustains your investment above everything else.

Read about How We Work and our Terms and Conditions.

our fees

Fully Managed: 10% + £300 Administration
Introduction Services: 2 weeks rent + £60 Administration

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what you need to know

There are 3 main reasons you are looking at this page

  1. You are fed up with your current agent – nearly every issue can be attributed to lack of communication
  2. You are a First Time Landlord – It’s daunting !
  3. You are fed up with managing properties yourself – So let us free up your time. It’s worth it.

How can we help on all three counts?

So, everybody will tell you they are the best and they are great and you must chose them, but we not only mean it. We have one particular big difference. We actually enjoy what we do.

This is not a page listing experience and qualifications, it’s a page telling you that you have just landed on Peace Of Mind, or a whole load of extra time for you, or the experience to make your asset a success.

We don’t need to list all the things that we do. You already have a general idea of that. Marketing, finding tenants etc. Otherwise it’s like asking a Butcher what they do, or an insurance salesperson, what you really want is simplistic answers and how much it’s going to cost you.

This is an important bit coming up and may save you time. If you are looking for the cheapest “deal” for your most expensive asset – LEAVE THE PAGE NOW.

If you are still here, great, let’s continue. Can we just get the really boring stuff out of the way ? Whichever of the 3 reasons you are on the page, are you fully aware of all the legislation that surrounds Residential Lettings.

You don’t need to worry about it too much because we will make sure you are compliant and chat through any queries you may have.

If you are still wanting to manage your property yourself, please, we urge you to be aware of consequences in the event that anything goes wrong.

Non Compliance can lead to the following:

  • Huge Fines
  • Prison
  • Unable to Regain possession of your property.

YES….. it’s that serious.